Celia Greaves, CEO of the UK Hydrogen and Fuel cell Association, launches the ‘Road to COP’ Campaign – shining a light on how UK hydrogen and fuel solutions are supporting the transition to net zero and clean growth.

Visit 21: Emerson

Paul Wann, Emerson’s Sustainability Lead for UK&Ireland, describes the company’s long standing credentials in hydrogen and highlights current work with customers in innovative solutions such as local scale biogas reforming, electrolysis and refuelling

Visit 20: Protium

Chris Jackson, CEO at Protium, talks about the company’s involvement in one of the world’s first 100% green hydrogen heating systems, which is under development at Bruichladdich Distillery, and highlights the wider role for green hydrogen in decarbonising hard to abate sectors.

Visit 19: Ingersoll Rand

Stephen Learney, Global MD of Haskel, which produce hydrogen compressors and refuelling stations, aims to create a hydrogen centre of excellence within the company.

Visit 18: TFP Hydrogen

Adam Black, Business Development Director, and David Hodgson, MD at TFP Hydrogen, explain how the production of materials for PEM fuel cells is essential for making green hydrogen competitive.

Visit 17: NanoSUN

Lee Juby, Commercial Director at NanoSUN, describes the company’s focus on enabling customers to acquire hydrogen that meet their needs, and the vision of low cost hydrogen for transport based on the quick-to-deploy Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station.

Visit 16: ULEMCo

Amanda Lyne, CEO at ULEMCo, explain how their innovative hydrogen duel fuelled vehicles will help to significantly decarbonise HGV fleets by 2030.

Visit 16: ULEMCo

Amanda Lyne, CEO at ULEMCo, explain how their innovative hydrogen duel fuelled vehicles will help to significantly decarbonise HGV fleets by 2030.

Visit 15: Powerhouse Energy

Powerhouse energy’s innovative technology converts plastic waste into clean energy in the form of hydrogen. With plastic waste anticipated to reach 12 billion tonnes by 2050, this technology can play a key role in the energy transition.

Visit 14: Clean Power Hydrogen Group

Jon Duffy, CEO at Clean Power Hydrogen, highlights the role for CPH2’s unique membrane free electrolysers in growing jobs in the UK and developing business both in the UK and internationally.

Visit 13: ITM Power

Graham Cooley, CEO at ITM Power, showcases ITM’s world first gigawatt electrolyser factory and the role for green hydrogen in the global net zero transition, including hard to decarbonise sectors and energy storage.

Visit 12: Luxfer

Mark Lawday, Global Sales Director at Luxfer, reflects on the company’s leading international position as a provider of light weight, high pressure cylinders, its involvement in a number of world first hydrogen projects and the tremendous global potential for growth.

Visit 11: Adelan

Adelan explains how its technology is cutting carbon emissions and describes how it is collaborating with partners to deliver integrated solutions.

Visit 10: GeoPura

Andrew Cunningham, MD at GeoPura, considers the company’s origins in renewable energy storage, the core focus on hydrogen, and how investment in hydrogen can stimulate job growth, exports and energy security.

Visit 9: BayoTech

Steve Jones, Senior Vice President at BayoTech, highlights the UK’s appeal as a strategic place to expand and invest, developing low carbon hydrogen generation and distribution projects.

Visit 8: R.STAHL

Adam Cooper, Sales Director at R.STAHL, describes the company’s approach to collaboration to support the role for hydrogen in delivering net zero, building on a strong heritage in equipment for explosive and flammable environments.

Visit 7: AVL

Matthias Wellers, Managing Director at AVL, explains the importance of bridging the gap between research and production, as seen in this prototype hydrogen fuelled vehicle, and highlights the role that hydrogen will play in the automotive industry.


Visit 6: LBC Energy Advisory

Next, Dana Novakovic, Managing Director of LBC Energy Advisory, talks about their support of green hydrogen projects and the associated infrastructure – focusing on decarbonising mobility and hard-to-abate sectors.

Visit 5: BP

Next on the UK HFCA Road to COP, BP anticipates that hydrogen will make 5-15% of global energy consumption by 2050 and is scaling up to meet this demand. Its H2 Teeside project (East Coast Cluster) will deliver 1GW of blue hydrogen power by 2029.

Visit 4: Anglo American

Jan Klawitter, Head of International Advocacy and Hydrogen Engagement, talks about Anglo American‘s diversified portfolio of metals and minerals, which the world needs for a sustainable transition, including hydrogen. Anglo American has been supporting the development of a hydrogen economy through a range of commercial activities across the hydrogen value chain.

Visit 3: Petrofac

Jonathan Carpenter, Vice President of New Energy Services, talks about Petrofac’s growing ambitions and activity across hydrogen production, and the fit with the company’s wider low carbon energy portfolio.

Visit 2: Fuel Cell Systems

Tom Chicken, Technical Director at Fuel Cell Systems, discusses the importance of the increasing demand for Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) and how Fuel Cell Systems’ refuelling technology is growing to meet this demand.

Visit 1: Burges Salmon

Ross Fairley, Partner at Burges Salmon and Chair of Net Zero Services, talks about his work on the energy transition and new hydrogen clusters, as well as involvement in hydrogen for heat, transport and electrolysis. This clip highlights the important of synergies between all sectors for the growth of the hydrogen economy.